What is designing with ethnic style?
Designing with ethnic style combines the artistic tradition of cultures with mainstream elements.

Who is ethnicHome's targeted audience?
ethnicHome's primary audience is female between the ages of 25-45 who desire to live, decorate, entertain and celebrate with ideas inspired by their heritage. Currently, we reach our audience through an online magazine, television specials and print media.

Will ethnicHome only focus on people of color?
No. Eighty percent of Americans identify with their ethnic heritage, according to Ethnic Market Report for 1999. ethnicHome will include all cultures.

Is designing your home with ethnic style just a trend that will come and go?
No. It is something that evolves, showcasing your individual style and identity through artifacts and furnishings.

Who is a competitor for ethnicHome?
Although there is no "real" competitor, since ethnicHome is the first to provide content and products to the ethnic market, it's probably easier to state who is not a competitor. For instance, B. Smith may come to mind. She offers tips on entertaining, travel, fashion and beauty, all that one might expect from a former fashion model. And although she is a person of color, she doesn't focus on ethnic design for the home. On the other hand, there is Martha Stewart. Martha "can do" pretty much everything -- cooking, gardening, entertaining, crafts, celebs -- but she "can't do" ethnic. That's a market she's left untapped for ethnicHome.

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