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Local celebrity debuts new business
in national magazine

Roxanne Givens Copeland, CEO and founder of Ethnic Home Lifestyles, is featured in the August issue of Victoria, a magazine of distinction that includes topics on home, garden, cooking and entertaining.

In the current issue of Victoria, which is dedicated to "celebrating the achievements of women," Givens Copeland is interviewed about her latest business venture: launching a Web site that provides ethnic-centered products for everyone. The Web site,, will include topics on home design, entertaining and creating a healthy spirit with ethnic style. In the magazine, she says she is initially focusing on the African American market, to show how to use a broader interpretation of art, artifacts and folklore to express a unique cultural heritage within the home. Eventually, she "hopes to grow the business to include any and all ethnicities."

The article touches on Givens Copeland's career as a developer of affordable housing as well as her background in social work. Those experiences coupled with her passion for entertaining, collecting and decorating, have prepared her for her new role as founder of The Web site, already up and running, will officially launch in October. "My vision for ethnicHome, is to be the resource for providing tools and ideas that are practical for anyone to adapt into their own style for their home," says Givens Copeland. The Web site showcases unique and practical wares that viewers can purchase. "It's important to create a home that reflects you," said Givens Copeland. "Everyone should be able to surround themselves with beautiful things."

Additionally, Givens Copeland is a nominee for the first-ever Victoria's "Entrepreneur of the Year" award. She was surprised to find herself included in the selection of 41 businesswomen from around the country. The winner will be selected by Victoria's readers. For more information about Victoria's entrepreneur award there is a link on

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October 16, 2000 (952) 831-1448

A site for sore eyes

I know, not another announcement about a new Web site. Let alone, another one on home decorating. Bor-ring!!! Right? Wrong, not if the Web site is Publicly launched in October, capitalized on a fact provided by Ethnic Market Report 1999 that stated 80 percent of Americans identify with their ethnic heritage. Keeping that fact in mind, became the first and only online resource of its kind.

Ethnic elements are incorporated into all aspects of the site, from the well written content to the sharp, crisp colored photos. features a design and entertainment section; a catalog with unique wares for purchase; a reader's choice that showcases adult and children books; and offers several sections on finding internal balance and a healthy lifestyle. All of these features are packaged in an easily navigated, colorful format that focuses on an ethnic theme.

Founded by Roxanne Givens Copeland, a home developer and designer with more than 25 years experience, was created to fill a void in the home design marketplace for people seeking to decorate around an ethnic theme. "I wanted, and actually longed for, a place that focused on people, who like me, appreciated and enjoyed decorating with an ethnic style," said Givens Copeland. "From what I could see, no site consistently provided home design information or products that reflected and celebrated true ethnicity."

The catalog on the site contains unique products that continue this theme of ethnicity. In essence, there is something for everyone. For instance, with the focus now being on fall and Halloween, they offer two African American boy and girl ceramic figurines dressed in pumpkin and witch costumes. These figurines also come dressed for Thanksgiving in pilgrim costumes. For the not so whimsical but more spiritual person, there are candlesticks and ball sphere candles that have a Moorish and Swaziland influenced design. The package is completed with the Sankofa symbol candlestick holders. There are furnishings and accents for your home and jewelry and unique note cards. The Web site is protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption.

Givens Copeland already has plans in motion to take her concept into different directions under the business name of Ethnic Home Lifestyles, under which is a subsidiary. Her plans include a newspaper column, TV specials and retail stores carrying her products and designs. If Martha Stewart comes to mind, that's OK with Givens Copeland. "There's no question that Martha is at the top. But what I offer should and could be at the top, too," says Givens Copeland. "Besides, Martha needs company since it could be lonely at the top," Givens Copeland adds with a smile.

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