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Portable Produce

Planter boxes and large urns are ideal containers for gardens, especially for those who donít have large spaces. Containers can be arranged in sunny locations on a deck or patio. Flank your front door with two containers, especially when you want a shot of color next to a house painted in neutrals. Dwarf vegetables and herbs grow well, yielding enough seasonings and veggies for several families to last throughout the fall and winter months.

Getting Started

Fill your container (be sure it has good holes for drainage) with a commercial potting/fertilizer mix. If youíre starting from seed, poke shallow holes in the soil with your finger, then set in the seeds before covering. Water gently but thoroughly so you donít disturb the seeds. If youíre using starter plants, sandwich tall ones between medium seedlings. Place Vining plants along planter box edges. Fertilize biweekly and water once a day, twice daily in hot climates and temperatures above 80.

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